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Wild Crystal Quartz

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Wild Crystal Quartz

Wild Crystal Quartz Semi Precious Slabs Manufacturer India Wild Crystal Quartz Semi Precious Slabs Manufacturer India

 :: Wild Crystal Quartz Semi Precious Slabs

The word Quartz comes from the Saxon word “Querkluftarz” which means cross vein ore. Others insist that the name Quartz comes from the German “Quarz” which is of Slovic Origin. Crystal is from the Greek word “Krystallos” which means ice.

We are leading Crystal Quartz Slabs manufacturer, which are ideal for versatile usage as they are hard and tough, easy to keep clean, eco-friendly and bacteria resistant. Wild crystal quartz imparts luxurious appearance to the walls and interiors in which they are installed. Our offered ranges of products are eye-catching colors and patterns which are very appealing in nature. We, with our talented craftsmen offer them high finishing to add luster to them hence they are irresistible in nature. The provided ranges are ideal to be fitted as countertops, vanity top, bar countertops, bathroom counter etc. We sell them at very reasonable price rates.

Standard size: solid slab of dimensions 97”’x49”x ¾” /2463x1244x20 mm

We offer them in varied dimensions according to the needs of our customers.

Admired confidence:
  • Crystal Quartz is said to symbolize harmony & balance. It corresponds to all zodiac signs & is a pure & powerful energy source.
  • It is said to stimulate brain functions and activates all levels of consciousness and helps in meditation.
  • It is said to be an overall health enhancer good for mind, body & spirit.


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